REACH’s mission is to financially support and encourage civic
events and activities which contribute to a richer quality of life for
Port Hueneme residents.



The City of Port Hueneme takes pride in providing quality services and recreational outlets for its residents to enjoy. REACH was initially formed by the City in 2015 to be a nonprofit corporation that can raise funds from sources other than the city to supplement the City’s events. It is now an organization governed by the community members. The community members raise and distribute funds to support recreational, cultural, and education activities in Port Hueneme.

What We Do


REACH supports various events and organizations throughout the city such as:
* Senior Holiday Luncheon
* Movies in the Park
* Food Truck Tuesdays
* Youth Involvement Fair
* Holiday Tree Lighting
* National Safety Night Out
* Cops for Tots
* Hueneme Beach Clean-Up
* Reel Guppies Fishing Activities
* Navy ROTC
* Hueneme Elementary School
* Port Hueneme Historical Museum

REACH also wants to collaborate with other organizations to create exciting activities and events for our city.

Please visit our Contact Us page to reach us.